Yuli ~ 10th November 2019

Yuli ~ 10th November 2019

Sunday 10th November at 7.00 p.m.

Admission: £4 ~ all seats unreserved. Doors open 30 min before screening.

Certificate 15 ~ 106 minutes.

Director: Iclair Bollain

Starring: Carlos Acosta, Santiago Alfonso and Keyvin Martínez

Based on Carlos Acosta’s autobiography “No Way Home”

This is the story of Acosta’s life: a loving yet brutally determined father, a schizophrenic sister, a poor childhood in Cuba, racism, career vs. family and becoming the principal dancer at the English National Ballet in London. Acosta recreates his own life, directing other dancers to play characters from that life with Acosta occasionally playing his own father. Like a child recreating its own past in order to feel comfortable within the known – or to change it – Acosta does it with dance.

This is a beautiful piece of work and takes us into the graceful world and mind of a man working through his demons with dance.

Doors open 30 min. before screenings for Front Row and Sunday cinema.
Ricks Café is open for tea, coffee and refreshments on Sundays for 30 min. prior to screenings.

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